The Pros and Cons of Vaulting!

Many of you may be thinking ‘why should I start vaulting or why should my child start vaulting?’ What makes it different from any other sport? What makes it better than any other sport?

Like any sport there are pros and cons to vaulting. Being a bit bias of course I believe that the pros far outweigh the cons but I’ll walk you through both and let you decide for yourself.


Early mornings/Late nights

Equestrian Vaulting Early mornings

Unfortunately, there can be quite a few early mornings when it comes to vaulting. Depending on what club you are at some choose to train on Saturday mornings which can mean your weekend sleep in is limited. Competitions are also another early morning. To get up and get ready and then travel to the venue to get there in time to help prepare the horses can mean your dreaded alarm goes off at an ungodly hour and makes you question why you are doing this in the first place!

On the other end of the spectrum it could also mean late nights. If training is in the evening after school, then you probably won’t be home for a 6pm dinner. Unlike other sports vaulting isn’t one where you can just rock up, train and then go home. You need to help tack up and untack your horse, put equipment away and make sure everything is ready for the next training session before you leave. Luckily if everyone pitches in and works as a team then it doesn’t take too long.


Equestrian Vaulting Expensive

Like any sport there is cost involved, however, being a horse sport it does tend to be more expensive than a sport such as netball or football. If you are going to start training regularly then you will need leggings and special soft soled vaulting shoes. If you are planning on competing, then you will need to purchase a club tracksuit and club unitard. Training fees are more expensive as they need to cover upkeep of the horse, coaches fee and hiring of the arena. There will also be competition entry fees if you decide to compete. On the plus side if you have participated in other horse activities then you’ll know you usually need to own your own horse and you have an idea of how much that costs. The great thing with vaulting is that you don’t need your own horse. The club has horses that have been trained and that we all share which helps reduce costs.

Equestrian Vaulting Teamwork



Vaulting is a great way for your child to learn about teamwork and how to work with others. Everyone works together to help get horses ready, warm up and work on fitness and strength. Even if you are on the horse by yourself you still need to work with the horse and the lunger to ensure everything goes safely and smoothly. You learn to communicate with others so they know how you are feeling and what you might be having trouble with. We celebrate our wins together and support each other in the losses. Add to that the fact that we sometimes have two or even three people on the horse at a time then it is essential for everyone to work together and communicate to make everything as safe as possible.

Equestrian Vaulting Fun


Vaulting is a great environment that encourages everyone to have fun. We keep things casual in order not to place unnecessary stress on the vaulters and there’s no pressure to become the best in Australia or even to compete at all. If you only want to vault recreationally then that is completely okay. On the other hand, if you want to compete and take it further to travel interstate or overseas we can support and assist you to do that as well.


Equestrian Vaulting Confidence

Vaulting is also a great confidence builder. If you’re not confident around horses or with your own body, then it can be great to improve this. The more you vault the more you will learn to trust the horse and yourself. When you start, everything will seem quite scary. Your body will tell you that its unnatural to be doing this but as time goes on it will adapt and you will be trying things you never thought possible. Achieving a new move that you’ve been working on is one of the best feelings and your confidence will skyrocket. You will also have everyone who knows how hard you’ve been working there to cheer you on and encourage you.

Equestrian Vaulting Travel

Opportunity to travel

Last but definitely not least is the great opportunity vaulting gives you to travel and make friends with people all over Australia and even the world. Unlike other sports you do not have to be the best to compete at a national level. Our National Championships are held every year in a different state and anyone can go. We hold classes for all different levels and it’s a fantastic way to meet new people. You can also travel interstate to participate in workshops and training clinics with coaches from around Australia as well as international coaches. Vaulting also gives you the opportunity to participate in exchange programs overseas where you can train with vaulting families as well as sight see and even compete in some competitions.

The vaulting community is a big family that pulls together to help keep our small sport running. We would love for you to join us.

So there is my list of pros and cons, if I’ve convinced you that you need to try vaulting then contact us to organise a come and try session or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask :-)

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