Upcoming competition 9th September 2017

​​Acacia Gold is participating in a competition held by the Quicksilver Vaulting Academy on Saturday, September 9th. The competition will take place at McLaren Park Equestrian which has lovely facilities. The competition starts at 10:30am and is expected to be finished around 3:30pm. If you are free please come and support our vaulters and witness our incredible sport. We have 7 members competing including Skye, Emily, Ben, Lily, Belen, Abby and Meg. Skye and Emily are both competing in Advanced Individual, Ben and Lily are competing in Intermediate Individual, and Abby and Meg are competing in Preliminary Individual.


The Club has also put together a Preliminary Team to do walk compulsories, this team consists of Emily, Ben, Lily, Meg, Abby and Belen.

We also have 2 competitors, Abby and Meg competing in Individual Barrel as well as two 2 Barrel Pas De Deuxs consisting of Abby + Lily and Meg + Belen. Skye is also doing a Walk Pas De Deux and a Barrel Pas De Deux with Sophie Thomson from Wilameka Equestrian. ​​


In preparation for the competition our vaulters have been training hard. For the past few training sessions we have been running through the routines we will performing and making last minute adjustments to arm movements and music under the critical eye of coach Nina. We wish all our vaulters best of luck for the competition. Stay tuned for results after the competition.

*If you would like any more information then send us a message.

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