What is equestrian vaulting?


Watch one of our longterm Acacia Gold Equestrian Vaulting Club members Sarah Leadbeater's interview on the ABC.

Sarah is one of a number of Acacia Gold members who have represented Australia competitively internationally. All the older club members help mentor and coach the younger Acacia Gold Club members.

Equestrian vaulting or vaulting as it is more commonly known is gymnastics and dance on horseback. Vaulters perform compulsory and freestyle moves to music on a moving horse either at walk or canter. This is done individually, in pairs or in a squad.

Although still a relatively new sport to Australia, vaulting is rapidly growing in popularity and is already well-established in Europe and North America.

Within Acacia Gold Equestrian Vaulting Club there are opportunities to participate at all levels. You can develop your skills at a pace that suits you. Some people want to compete and progress through the competition levels quickly, others are happy to enjoy vaulting as a weekly hobby and some just like participating in the odd clinic.

"Vaulting is not only the safest of the equestrian sports, it is documented as safer than riding bicycles, playing on playground equipment, and even playing soccer.”  The American Vaulting Association (AVA).

So why not join us for an Acacia Gold Equestrian Vaulting Club “Come and Try Session” (the vaulting is free, the only cost is $30 to cover insurance). Or enquire about our clinic days. Contact us now.